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Started to feel knee pains after running too much and doctor said i need to strengthen my quads/butt/etc. more. So i laid off of running for a month and did more strength training. But i'm scared of it being pained again so i bought this knee brace as support. It took several tries to finally adjust it to my liking/comfort level and ran with it a few times now. Seems to work great so far!

Janice T.

I had developed a very painful case of tennis elbow during a home improvement project. A friend who is a nurse recommended this brace. It was excellent. I went from severe pain all day, to only feeling pain when I lifted heavier objects. Between this and some physical therapy, I recovered quickly. The therapist loved this also.

Arwen G.

I absolutely love wearing these while I'm working out, and they're the first pair of calf compression sleeves I've ever tried. After my normal 60-minute workout session my calves would normally feel swollen and tight, and when I'm wearing these Compression Sleeves, I have absolutely no post workout pain.

James S.